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From broken and despondent to re-awakening in my late 40's

I'm a devoted mother and grandmother and family is super important to me. As is my intimate relationship. I never had an issue with sex in my younger years. I loved it.

But once I had children, things changed. My emotional energy was taken up with mothering, running our businesses, and a household. I've always believed that your love relationship is important so I put a lot of energy into it, including being available sexually.

Over time though, I found my body was changing. Also, my desire was changing. Well, it just wasn't there. But out of a sense of duty and that I 'should' be available, I just went ahead.

All the while, not realising the damage I was doing to myself, my body, my psyche, and ultimately the relationship. I ended up resentful and angry, broken and confused.

And I felt deficient and lacking because I couldn't match the desire of my partner. The strange thing was, by the time sex was over, I felt I was finally ready for it. Little did I know that the fact it took a long time before I felt ready, was actually typical of most women and is an essential aspect of understanding female sexuality.

That's when I discovered Diana Richardson's work in the form of her first book, The Heart of Tantric Sex.

A lightbulb went on inside me. Here was a woman speaking FOR women, but also for men in the delicate realm of sexuality in an intelligent, non-sensational way. A way that felt accessible to me.

I started to question sex and how we have done it. I began to feel more confident as a woman, to respect the natural workings of my body, to trust my own inner finer feminine energy. This began a journey that has never ended. And now in my early 60's I realise this is key for EVERY woman, no matter what age, but in particular for a woman in her mid-years and beyond, to make contact with our finer subtle feminine aspect.

In 2008, I was lucky enough to attend Diana's Making Love Retreat in Switzerland.

I felt a profound shift in my understanding of sex and its role in relationships. It became a healing force rather than a damaging one.

I finally felt a peace that I'd never felt before. My ability to love was deeply amplified, which enabled me to connect more authentically with my partner. I became more confident in the perfect functioning of my changing body and interestingly, far more creative in my life. And... truthfully I could see a glint come back into my eyes and feel a subtle aliveness in my body that I just never accessed as a younger woman.

Four years later...

I along with my partner at the time, became the official Australian teacher of the Making Love Retreat. That was 2012.

I have continued to teach this powerful and life-changing retreat since and have supported hundreds of couples to transform sex into love.

Over the many years of teaching this work, not only have I come to understand feminine sexuality, also, importantly, I have come to understand men and male sexuality so much more. Listening to men in my consulting room and in my retreats has informed a deeply compassionate stance I have for men and their plight in sex and relationships.

Ten years later...

In 2015, Diana Richardson invited me to co-write a book that was released in 2018 - Tantric Sex and Menopause. Practices for Spiritual and Sexual Renewal. It is now published in English, German, French, Spanish, and Czech.

I am a forever student of this work, always investigating my own experience of relationship, sexuality, presence and self-awareness.

A seeker, maybe just like you, believing that love is the foundation of all.

At the most fundamental level I teach presence

Presence creates connection

I believe that your quality of Presence is the one true key to loving intimacy and the key to a woman's and man's authentic self-confidence, and foundation for living a fulfilling life.

I welcome you to join me on this crusade of love...

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