Advanced WomanTime

The Deepening Retreat

Advanced WomanTime

The Deepening Retreat

Come deepen

Come widen

Come be

Advanced Womantime Retreat

For past attendees of Womantime Retreat only
Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th February, 2023
Woody Grove Retreat,
 Mapleton QLD
Janet McGeever womantime

Dear Woman ...


Melissa and I have been brewing and planning, intuiting, and opening... into the next stage of your Womantime Journey.


And we are excited!


I warmly invite you to

Come deepen...

Come widen...

Come be ...

You now know the truth of your presence, your heart, and your sensuality, through your own taste of transformation at Womantime Retreat. And you know how it helps you gain confidence in yourself that cannot be faked.

You've learned that this light, this presence can exude from your very being and it can draw life to you like a moth to a flame. You've discovered your true power, and how your ego no longer needs to wield it to get what you want.

Instead, you know that you can yield to your inner woman, powerful, free, loving, wise, and compassionate.

Come reignite this at The Deepening Retreat.

To remember... YOU are the creator of life, of your life. You create through your very being. You create through your existence. Your very existence .... is Love.

And you know that when you stop chasing shadows of any concept of the imagined self, something deep inside you finally relaxes. You arrive 'home' like never before. Rooted in the soil of your own heart.

You stand strong through the winds of change, yielding but not falling...

Never leaving, always arriving.

In the presence of other women, who 'get' you, witnessed in your many facets of being woman.

self care

For Womantime Retreat graduates who want...

  • To travel inwards to the deep interior landscape of the mystical vagina, and its potential for receptivity and healing.  
  • To learn the essentials of pelvic and womb health by Andrea Lopez, leading trainer in female abdominal health. Andrea will take us through the sacred group experience of womb steaming. (optional)
  • To gently release the subtle trauma stored in your body, through TRE, Trauma Release therapy presented by Jodie, Janet's long time assistant.
  • A space where you can rest deeply - to unwind, to shed, to be met and seen exactly where you are, be real without the masks, to reconnect with your woman's soul, body, and heart.
  • To hone and understand more deeply the nuances of your unique Feminine Presence.
  • More advanced resources to nourish, support, and care for your feminine body. 


 From Janet

"The Womantime work is all about coming home - home to the body, the self, and to the inner guide, the inner wise one. It is about a 'falling away' rather than 'building up' or bolstering the feminine ego. I discover for myself, that it's when I shed the protection of the heart that I can authentically return to who I am, and there is always a simplicity in that. And THIS is transformation."

What to expect at Advanced Womantime...


  • Re-attune to the fine subtle energy within your feminine body.
  • Fine-tune your feminine energetic presence and develop a deeper understanding of boundaries, conscious and unconscious.
  • Attune your Receptive Feminine and the important and powerful role it plays in your life.
  • Practices that support your nervous system at a deeper level. 


  • The surprising magical mystery of your powerful vagina
  • How to further nourish and support your pelvic area which plays a fundamental part in all women's health and well-being.
  • Tools to both conserve and expand your feminine energy and how to use this energy to centre yourself, deal with emotions and stay in your own circle of presence in relationship.


  • Your heart, soften the edges that may have built up since your last Womantime experience, and be 'met' by other women in the space of love and generosity of spirit.
  • To continue to heal your relationship with your body on a deep level.
  • A deep and authentic yet gentle space to let your body restore itself to balance.

Janet McGeever creator and facilitator

Creator and facilitator of Womantime®

Janet will continue to share a specific selection of the 44 awareness practices from the Art of Feminine Presence grounded in her own personal lived experience of Tantra. With the emphasis on our feminine energetic presence as women ie. how we show up in life, and what we do with our energy.

The receptive feminine. We will be exploring the often misunderstood concept of receptivity. The 'receptive' is the natural essence of a woman and how that translates to our female biology.

We will be taking this right to the level of the magical vagina and her receptivity and what that means for women's pleasure and inner sensual connection. And also then how that translates to how you create in your outer world.

With the specific themes of enlivening your body, unveiling your heart and calming the mind, Janet feels that these three aspects must come into alliance for us as women, to be more deeply present in our lives.

Janet : I will be re-introducing feminine awakening practices that are no longer available in current programmes and new ones that I have discovered through my own sensual embodiment exploration of late.

Melissa Borich Yoga teacher

Special guest Senior Yoga teacher

With Melissa's usual elegance and grace, we will be gifted some special Yoga practices that will include some of the wonderful restorative practices so important for us all.

As well as that, and specifically, Melissa will support us to explore with more depth, Pelvic Floor awareness. This is important for women of all ages and stages. We will practice a variety of breath techniques for pelvic floor health.

And then we will practice yoga postures that address pelvic floor muscles that have too little tone (hypotonic) and too much tone (hypertonic). This exploration is done in a gradual way so as to anchor awareness in the tissue. 

These practices will also help support the release of tension so commonly existent around our genital and pelvic floor area. Helping to release perhaps long-held tensions that are ready to leave us.

This, in turn, can have a profound impact on our nervous systems.

Melissa feels that Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation bring a quality and honesty into one's daily moments that becomes more tangible the more you practice on a regular basis.


Advanced Womantime Retreat

Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th February, 2023
Woody Grove Retreat,
17 Maple Avenue, Mapleton QLD

What Womantime attendees are saying...

"I love the way Janet and Melissa, supported by Jodie, share the knowledge that they have learnt. The whole weekend is structured to affirm, support and nurture, and I certainly felt all of those things. Have learnt ways to nurture and support myself as a woman and a human being".

Kerry Behrend

"I had no idea what to expect but was blown away by Janet’s compassion, knowledge and insights into all aspects of being a woman. Diving deep into the feminine was healing and invigorating for the woman in me that I had not seen".

Shelley Hall

"There is so much gentle nurturing and holding here by Janet, Melissa and Jodie and this beautiful place on earth. The lovely sharing of vulnerabilities and the unravelling and remembering of ourselves as a group of women has been very powerful and special to be a part of. It is a weekend of safety, warmth and support on all levels and it is FUN".

Simone Nichols, 52

Woody Groove Retreat
Woody Groove Retreat
Woody Groove Retreat
"This work is life-changing. I had no awareness that I was completely numb from the waist down until this retreat, where my body and feminine essence literally "awakened". It not only changed the way I felt within myself, but also allowed me to love others and FEEL their love in return. Since learning this work I have been able to open, mentally-emotionally-spiritually and physically. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Janet in words, my life is infinitely better because of these teachings and the sacred space that was held, allowing us women to just "be".
Thank you Janet, the work you do has changed my life".

- Emily, 32

Advanced Womantime Retreat

Thursday 16th - Sunday 19th February, 2023
Woody Grove Retreat,
Mapleton QLD