The 3 Essential Things midlife women need to Know about Sex and Menopause.


Sex, Midlife and Beyond

The 3 Essential Things midlife women need to know about Sex and Menopause.

  • Do you feel like your body is changing and you don't know what to do about it?

  •  Has your libido gone out the door and you're feeling completely numb sexually?

  •  Are you struggling to contact your heart and don't know how to open up again?


If you find yourself nodding 'Yes',

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Your Body is not broken.

Menopause and sex are two deeply misunderstood taboo subjects.

I want to reassure you that you CAN have beautiful connected love-making at this time of your life.

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Sex, Menopause and Beyond

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YOU are important.

Bring sensuality, love and intimacy back into your life.

There is a whole new world to uncover. It’s right here in your beautiful body.

Hi, I'm Janet.

I'm a devoted mother and grandmother and family is super important to me, as is a healthy intimate relationship. I never had an issue with sex in my younger years. I loved it.

But once I had children, things changed. My emotional energy was taken up with mothering, running my business, and a household. I've always believed that relationship is important so I put a lot of energy into it, including being available sexually.

Over time though, I found my body was changing. Also, my desire was changing as well. It just wasn't there. Out of a sense of duty and the belief that I 'should' be available, I compromised what I truly wanted. All the while, not realising the damage I was doing to myself, my body, my psyche, and ultimately the relationship. I ended up resentful and angry, broken and confused.

I hadn't realised at the time that I was in an early Perimenopause. All my devastation and feeling like I was half a woman could have melted away if I'd known these 3 essential things. And taken so much of the pain out of my experience in not only my sexual relationship but my whole identity as a woman.

Now I feel like a WHOLE woman and I want this for you too. Distilled from my years of research and working with women, this little package is packed with resources you can use straight away.

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