A Day for Couples


Creating the love you want
so you can reconnect with ease,
disagreements can fall away,
and the tension is taken out of your intimate relationship.


With Janet McGeever

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A Day for Couples


Create the love you want

so you can reconnect with ease, disagreements can fall away,

and the tension is taken out of your intimate relationship.


With Janet McGeever




Without a roadmap back to love, you're both missing out.


You probably began your relationship where everything flowed, it was exciting, you couldn't wait to see each other, and then ...

Something happened. You can't pinpoint the day or even the year it happened but it happened.

All of a sudden, or perhaps gradually, you started to disconnect. One of you or both of you. And then sexual intimacy fell away. It became a no-go zone.

This can happen in one month, one year, or over years. But it's really common.

Then, perhaps you put all your energy into working, career or kids, or family, just to ease the pain of it. But if you really scratch the surface, you're probably feeling quite sad.


Whether your relationship is brand new or you have been together for decades, if you're feeling a disconnect, it's likely that you are making one or more of these mistakes:-

#1 You don't prioritise TIME for your relationship. It gets pushed to the bottom of the list because everything else seems more important.

#2 You're not managing your STRESS levels enough so you are both bringing tension to the relationship that is a block to intimacy.

#3 You're not building enough emotional intimacy BEFORE moving to sexual intimacy.

Regardless of which mistake you're making, the result is the same...

You're not building enough credit in your RELATIONSHIP LOVE ACCOUNT to sustain a long-lasting connection with each other and you're stuck as to how you can start doing that.

Redesign your own relationship story to create an authentic loving connection without hours and hours of therapy.

This one-day experience will give you:

  • Simple yet powerful tools that you can effortlessly bring into your daily life to shift from disconnection to connection in a matter of minutes so you don't have to spend your days in the relationship slump.
  • An understanding of the energetics of the male/female dynamic so you can nurture the magnetic attraction between you, and let love flow.  
  • Ways to bond with each other so you can build a solid foundation of safety and security in your intimate relationship.
slow sex confident lover

Above all it can set you up for a relationship that grows in love, that supports you both to relax around intimacy.

Janet McGeever

Hi, I'm Janet!

In my 30's and 40's I was perplexed as to why I seemed to shut down so much in relationship. Of course there are always circumstantial reasons, but the main thing I was devastated about was that my body just didn't seem to function how it used to in a sexual sense.

Where had all that desire gone? Where did my libido go? It was devastating. I felt like half a woman. And it caused so much grief in the relationship.

It wasn't until I understood this simple pathway to intimacy and how much societal conditioning and expectations for men and women work against us in relationships. No wonder many of us can feel lost.

Once I started engaging these tools and awareness, my life changed drastically. I began to see some light in my future and relationships. A light that has never left me, where I feel like I'm more loving, more present, and more sexually, and sensually alive as a woman, 20 years later.

What I teach here is a simple, loving, and natural approach to intimate relationships. I share how to engage with your heart and body to bring about a level of presence and awareness that simply can't be found in the mind. No matter your struggles, I've seen couples transform right in front of my eyes when they are just taught a few simple keys for connection.

I am profoundly touched by the men and women who come to me for one on one private work or retreats. I think it is the greatest privilege to be entrusted to support others and witness their transformation, their tender vulnerability, and opening of the heart with the most intimate and confronting of things - sexuality.

And I've been there too. I've been vulnerable, been to places that were not easy places to be. But I've come through.

I'd be honoured and humbled to support you on this one day journey.

So here it is ...

A Day for Couples

A one-day retreat for your relationship.

22nd July in Noosa, Qld

Where you can remove yourself from your daily life distractions and dedicate a whole day to you and your relationship.

You will learn the simple skills of connecting, why you've been blindsided by a lack of sex education, and how you can always come back to love.

Together we will walk through these 3 simple steps ....



You know you love each other. Sometimes it's hard to let that love flow. You'll become aware of how you may subtly become absent in your relationship and learn how to shift course to being more present, to connection. It's easier than you think.



Creating emotional intimacy is the pathway to sexual intimacy. You'll both learn simple tools that will settle your nervous systems and nurture safety and trust within and between you. You'll get to balance and recharge your relationship bank account.



You'll feel a sense of relief as you'll learn why a lack of sound sexual education often leads to confusion and disconnection around sex. You'll learn why it's important to bring more relaxation to your approach to intimacy.

"The biggest gift was to experience a very transformational profound connection between us with so much understanding and respect for each other, to feel this love between us that has been there before but to feel it in such a different way, on a different level.

Daniella, 43

"I learned that love is simply love, and there is so much more to making love than we ever realised or appreciated, in how to give love and how we receive it. I feel hopeful and excited. "

Zoe, 28


"I feel more confident, complete in my sense of who I am as a man, a human being and as a partner. I am confident in my relationship and that is will continue to strengthen and deepen."

Roger, 62


Held in iconic Noosa, Qld, 

on the Australian East coast.


A Day for Couples

Noosa Springs Spa Resort.

$495 per couple 8.30 am - 4 pm

22nd JULY 2023

* Please note: there is no nudity or demonstrations in this event.

More of what couples are saying...


"This has enabled me to connect with my partner in new ways that are so loving but also enabled me to reconnect with myself which has meant I can bring all of me to this beautiful relationship. The love and the care you have shown us have provided us as a couple is beyond words."

Ed, 58


"I have learned how I can come home to 'me' and in doing that, I can open myself fully to completely receive my partner's love, knowing that he can hold me safe and hold my heart gently with his love"

Jenni, 62


"I understand now how our emotions can block out love and healing. It's also ok to be fully seen and allow love in. I feel free light and loved."

Natalie, 40


A Day for Couples

Noosa Springs Spa Resort.

$495 per couple 8.30 am - 4 pm

22nd JULY 2023