Helping you connect more deeply in your intimate relationships

Helping you connect more deeply
in your intimate relationships






Midlife Sexual Issues

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 I work with women, men and couples who value their relationships and want to deepen their intimate connection without compromising or closing down physically or emotionally.

Helping couples move from being disconnected and despondent about their sexual relationship to feeling more hopeful, and confident they have the tools to create a fulfilling loving relationship.

Many women, especially those over 40, feel a lack of sexual desire and wonder where their libido went. Men can feel confused about how to navigate sexual relationships with women. I share a whole new insight into sexuality that embraces your changing body and empowers and inspires you to feel confident in your intimate relationships.


Being Present creates Connection.

Presence is the pathway to Love.


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Sex, Midlife and

The 3 Essential Things midlife women need to know about Sex and Menopause.

Educator and psychotherapist

How I help



I am an educator and psychotherapist of 20-plus years, specialising in Sex, Love and Intimacy.

I help couples, women and men explore a deepened experience of intimacy through Retreats, One-on-one Private Mentoring, online courses (upcoming), and books.

I just love the creative space of intimate sharing, opening hearts, and vulnerability. Strengthening our presence as women and men in both life and relationships unveils our truest hearts and selves.

First and foremost, I believe that creating safety and security within a relationship is of utmost importance and provides a foundation so that you can flourish and connect with genuine authenticity. This has a profound effect on your everyday life, on our families and communities, and I believe, ultimately the world.

The more present we are to ourselves and each other, the more love we create, the better the world is.

The making love retreat

The Making Love Retreat


A profound 6-day retreat that transforms your intimate relationship.


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womantime retreat

Womantime Retreat


Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Day Woman.  

A 3-day retreat for women to deeply reconnect with their body.

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private mentoring

Private Mentoring


I work with both individuals and couples to support them in their relationships and reconnection with yourself, heal your past relationships and move forward with love.

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"Sex and love have become strange bedfellows … 

They rarely share the same bed.


This is not a moral argument…..

This is an argument for love."





Janet McGeever, 

TEDx Noosa 2013

This is not a moral argument…..

This is an argument for love.




Janet McGeever, TEDx Noosa 2013

Sexuality is a doorway.
Love is the home.

What people are saying

"I came to this retreat thinking it would be more about techniques and different concepts. I leave feeling relief as a man who has struggled with performance pressure. It has totally demystified my previous assumptions. I cannot recommend this retreat highly enough for any couple."

Peter, 48

"Authenticity and grace flows effortlessly from this amazing yet humble goddess of a teacher. It is immediately clear and evident that Janet has done the work, at a deep level of her being, and in her own life, and that she is diligently committed to this path. I am blessed for finding her."

Sally, 35

"This retreat has transformed my awareness in a revolutionary way. Janet is such a loving, gentle, wise, and powerful woman. It was very healing to experience such a responsible, authentic, emotionally mature woman."

James, 59

Hi, I'm Janet

As an educator, speaker, psychotherapist, and author, I am passionate about helping women and men create meaningful and loving relationships. I am known for my ability to create a safe space for my clients and participants, especially in the sensitive realm of sexuality.

Now in my early 60s, a devoted mother and grandmother, and experiencing the path of long-term relationships, I am particularly interested in how sex changes as we grow older. I educate and support men and women to understand that a few simple changes to how they approach intimacy can make a radical difference. It just takes curiosity, an open mind, and a willing heart.

I experienced a total transformation in my understanding of sex during my 40s that changed my life.


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Janet is often interviewed on the following key topics:

Intimacy, Love Making, Menopause, Perimenopause, Relationships


Tantric Sex and Menopause

A tantric guide to discovering the hidden gifts of menopause

Authored by Diana Richardson and Janet McGeever available through online book retailers