The Sensual Symphony of Love

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Have you heard of the Moon flower, 'Queen of the Night'?

A night flower - she opens as the sun goes down when conditions are right. She opens gradually, incrementally, is fully open after about 2 hours and then is open wide all night. As dawn light appears, slowly, slowly, she closes.

And she does not open in just one direction. She opens in all directions - 360 degrees of ever-opening petals.

This is Woman. This is how she truly... deeply... opens.


Yes, she can quicken the process. You can stir up her body to perform sex. And often that is what it becomes. A performance. Because she is so desiring to be adored. To be loved. To be seen.

True sexual awakening is far more subtle - like a never-ending, ever-opening, ever-unfolding, ever-unfurling flower. Like the Moonflower.

That unfolds and unfurls to infinity.

That makes a moment endless.

That stretches the notion of time.

That lingers long after the bodies disentangle.

That delivers its scent of love into every cell and cannot be erased because its sweetness is embedded so deeply into your soul.

An awakening that is a sensual symphony of love, so tender, so passionate, so bursting with unbridled pleasure. A pleasure that beckons your heart to surrender. Evermore. Evermore. Evermore.

Give me that kind of sexual awakening and I’m there.

But this kind of awakening does not come from quickening the process of biological lust.

It comes from... little by little... beckoning... sweetly summoning, coaxing. And subtly, as the energy begins to rise, as the flower achingly, yet willingly starts to open because... the conditions are right. Just the right amount of heat. Just the right amount of cool. Just the right amount of darkness. Just the right amount of light.

And gently coaxing and containing the emerging, the almost imperceptible force of subtle energy that is stirred within the bodies and within the hearts.

From allowing the hearts to meet in their vulnerability, their ever-tender exposure. As you each surrender to the quiver, the body's unspoken language. Ineffable. Indelible. Inaudible.

In the exquisite millimetre by milimetre entry into woman after she has welcomed, beckoned. Her longing to receive is amplified by the rarified atmosphere of pure presence.

Each breath is an intoxicating eternity. Each touch invites a new landscape of arousal. Each new crevice is a world unto its own. Every rise and fall of the body is new territory, never been seen, never been felt. New. New. New.

God give a woman this and she's there.

You know when a woman and man have had this kind of sensual awakening. Because there are no words. No words are needed. You see it. You feel it. They ARE it.

There's a quiet presence in them that is mystifying. One that draws you in. You want to know more. Their presence... is pure love.

For this kind of opening, the Queen of the Night needs time. The King of the Night needs time.

The potential of love and a true heart and body opening is lost when all we do is go in the direction of lust and high sensation.

I think truthfully, in this time, that our bodies, and our spirits are ready for this.

I invite you to find out how you if you are a woman, whether single or coupled, can begin this journey into this opening of heart and body as you move into your 40s and beyond, download my new eBook, Audio and Video - Sex, Midlife and Beyond The 3 Essential things that midlife women need to know about sex and menopause

And may your loving be this.... this exquisite unfolding. This pure potential, single or coupled, to even know this is possible is something of our birthright. It is not a story. It is not a movie. It is not TV.

It is real life. It is real Love.


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