Time in or time out?

couples relationship relationships Jul 10, 2010
Time in or time out?

One of the biggest sources of relationship breakdown can simply be failing to make time for it.

I know many couples who have a great foundation for relationships but fail to make the time to nurture them.

I like to think of relationships as a growing system - like a living thing, a plant or a tree. It's important to plant it in healthy soil, tend to it, water it, and fertilize it. Left unattended, it will wither and die. It's like walking past a pot plant every day, saying "I know I need to water that plant soon" but failing to do so.

Is that how your relationship is at the moment? Simply taking some time out or.... time in to actually BE with your partner is an important and really, such a simple step in growing that living, breathing tree of a relationship.

We all want the fruits - well, let's be good gardeners and tend to that garden so that the fruits just naturally and abundantly grow of their own accord. Your relationship will benefit, your children will benefit and your own heart, body and soul will benefit with good and radiant health. Aren't they good enough reasons?


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