Emotional Intimacy vs Sexual Intimacy

intimacy love making love relationship sexuality tantra vulnerability Mar 07, 2017

As the years have gone on, there's one distinction that has become clearer and clearer to me around this crazy thing called Love.

And that is the pathway to sexual intimacy, well at least one with depth and sweetness - is through emotional intimacy and connection.

And by emotional intimacy, I don't mean becoming highly emotional and then making love to 'make it better'. I mean tender, heart-connected, verbal and non-verbal, non-threatening, caring intimacy.

Jumping straight to sex or sexual intimacy can often be used as a band-aid or can create a shallow connection, without the involvement of our hearts and our feelings.

Today I share this important topic and some tips on this pathway if you are in need of some connection right now.

The Making Love Retreat is a great place to learn more about how to develop more emotional intimacy and healthy sexual intimacy. Here's what one lovely participant, Jane, said recently -

"I cannot speak more highly of The Making Love Retreat that I attended with my husband in October 2016.  The teachings are so simple and yet so profound. A year prior to the retreat, we had decided to separate after 17 years of marriage. Our relationship had become very stuck and toxic, which underneath was all related to a loss of loving intimacy. The retreat has completely transformed our relationship.  If any of the old ways of relating come back, we simply come back to the practices from the retreat, and we instantly return to deep love, relaxation, and harmony in our relationship and our family unit with our teenage sons." - Jane Mallick, PhD Yoga Teacher and Coach

The next retreat available in 2024 is July and October. Don't wait any longer for this amazing experience. Change your life now 

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