How I Wish

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How I Wish

Back in 1998, life was changing for me. I was 37. My son was going into high school. We'd sold our business of 13 years, I was embarking on a new career in counselling, psychotherapy and creative arts therapy, and had pretty deep depression.

They say that counsellors go into this work because they need it the most! Yep, that was me. But I also loved the creative process of the work.

Little did I know that the symptoms of depression, mood swings, disinterest in sex and general malaise were a few significant signposts that heralded peri-menopause. At 37! I remember when one doctor pronounced, 'yes you are peri-menopausal'. Peri what? What does that mean?

Women so often are in a cloud when it comes to changes in the body, symptoms that don't make sense and feelings that we wish we didn't have. That's why it is SO important to know our bodies, so we can be informed and possibly bypass some of the symptoms and also so we can feel like we are not going crazy.

And that's why I WISH I had my book, co-authored with Diana Richardson, Tantric Sex and Menopause, Practices for Spiritual and Sexual Renewal right then in 1998 when I was 37.

If I had my older self appear to me and hand this book, truthfully, I probably wouldn't have wanted to know about 'menopause' - that sounded so old, such a stigma, like it was my Mum's realm, and I didn't want a bar of it. But I had a friend who was ten years older than me and really suffering with it so while a big part of me was in denial, and thought 'no, that will never happen to me' (an arrogant part!) another part of me was kind of curious and a little scared.

But if there was an older woman who had been through it, come out the other end, with some pretty profound insights and understanding and information that I really needed and that would make the next 15 years of my life easier, then hell yeah, I would have listened.

Even if ONE woman can be informed about how this period of her life is a gateway to many things, not a time to shun and be scared of, then I have done my job.


That's why I am so grateful that Vivanne Barry from Yoga Circle Noosa has also kindly invited me to offer a 3 hour journey at her studio in Thomas St, Noosaville on Saturday Dec 1st, 2-5 pm.

We'll look at tantric practices and tools for nervous system maintenance, inner self-connection to deepen your trust in your body, removing the pressure of conventional sex and setting the stage for passion and pleasure to thrive in the bedroom and beyond.

What I will cover:
- what to expect when approaching menopause
- learning, sharing and discussing a mindful approach to menopause
- experiential breast meditation
- restorative yoga practice
- deep relaxation and inner connection
- raising your sensual awareness

Hope to see you there if you are local on the Sunshine Coast and surrounds.  All women are welcome, the cost is $60 and includes a signed copy of my book: Tantric Sex and Menopause, Practices for Spiritual and Sexual Renewal on the day. Numbers are limited >> BOOK HERE.

If you are interested in attending the Making Love Retreat and have questions or would like to chat with Janet and meet her personally book here for a free 30-minute chat.

PS. And if you would like me to present an Introductory workshop near you, just let me know by sending me an email or giving me a call.

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