I Have A Dream

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I Have A Dream

2020. The year of crumbling, also the year of opening. Opening doors that were perhaps closed.

Intimacy is about opening doors. Doors that have been shut for too long. Doors that need a little prying open. Doors that need the hinges oiled with love and understanding, so they open more easily.

Never before has human connection been more important than now. The heart, compassion, understanding, and empathy, are even more potently needed. We truly are standing at a moment in history that is a turning point. And each of us has a role to play. And it starts with the most important of relationships – the relationship with our own heart, our own body, and our own sweet little mind.

If we do not give priority to these, then we will be forever guarding that door to intimacy with a fierce overprotectiveness. Because attention to these three, mean we start knowing ourselves, we start understanding who we are, that we actually love at our core and nothing can change that knowing.

If we want to be part of the evolution of human consciousness taking place, we cannot be complacent about this primary relationship. It is the golden relationship that all other relationships can stand upon.

To continue to allow the needs of our own heart to be minimised, to disregard the physical body and its needs for good fuel and rest, and to ignore practices that placate and soothe the mind, means we will be left behind.

When we stand guard at the doorway to love for too long and have too many agendas before letting anyone back in after too many heartbreaks, we stand to lose too much of what nourishes the human spirit.

Yes. Love can shatter you. It can break you into a million pieces and spread you wide and thin. It can take you in directions your ego is fighting so desperately to avoid.

At the most devastating times, for me, it has been the power of love that has pulled me through. Surrendering to what is, letting go of the tension of resisting,

So, I’ve been dreaming. Of a world that loves. A world where love leads in every interaction, every touch, every intention. And when that isn’t there, gently soften and meet those small frightened parts that are barriers to this love.

May this love in all of us have wings in 2021. Not to fly away from those that nourish us. But to be free...

To simply ...


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*This article appeared in the December 2020 Holistic Bliss Magazine.Click here for link to the magazine.

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