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intimacy retreat making love retreat midlife sexual awakenings sbs tantra Feb 11, 2023

I just returned from the beautiful majestic city of Sydney after being part of an episode of Insight at SBS, a current affairs programme in Australia, on the subject of ‘Midlife Sexual Awakenings’.

It was a very interesting night! A wonderful experience, kind of surreal … with these beautiful souls. Julie and Con, who were willing to speak so beautifully, honestly and authentically about their relationship and how the Making Love Retreat helped them. And my dear friend Sharon, who supported me. What a great opportunity. And not to mention a margarita or two at the end to celebrate!

The interpretation of what is a midlife sexual awakening is as varied and diverse as we are as humans. But all had one thing in common - a point of pain or suffering, a turning point, where they felt they couldn't go on the way things were in their relationships or their life.

The audience was widely represented by the female voice. A couple of males but mostly females. And culturally, this makes sense. Because, from my observation, it is mostly women who are willing to make the change when it comes to relationships that are unsatisfying. Women have often put their pleasure on hold while they juggle work, careers, bringing up children, running a household, the relationship. Always in service to others.

And there comes a point where she wants a life FOR HER. And not for everyone else. A line is drawn in the sand. And this often starts to roar inside her in her 40's. The show posed many provocative questions and I'm sure will be a rich topic for discussion following.

The episode will show on 7th March.


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