Is This You?

intimacy sexuality women May 04, 2013
Is This You?

Every woman’s journey is different. But many of us also share similar challenges. Do any of the following sound familiar?…


…You long to rediscover and share the most tender place of your woman’s heart but there’s a protection that’s here, that just stops you.

Your body yearns to be held in a reverent and deeply nurturing embrace of love but you find it difficult to go there, you’re not in a relationship or the space isn’t there in your relationship for that to happen.

You long to feel what it is like to safely open your body and be in a relationship but a part of you just keeps holding back.

You want to connect, but you become very sensitive about how communication between you and your loved one deteriorates and so you just close your heart off again.

You long to open up again and you know how you once loved, but you struggle with past hurt, grief, pain or resentment that you just can’t seem to get past.

Maybe you’ve completely given up on relationships, let alone your own femininity and sexuality, and well, it’s just easier to focus on your career or the children instead. But if you’re honest, there’s a feeling of emptiness inside and it just doesn’t feel right.


I help women trust themselves again. I can help you find that place inside that is yearning to open up.

When I talk to women about sexual intimacy, I find that they have for too long either compromised their bodies or used their bodies, consciously or unconsciously, to get the love they want. Or they’ve simply completely shut down.

And when I talk to men, they are often confused by what women want and stressed by performing in the bedroom.

Whether you are single or partnered, I guide you on the journey back to your authentic self, helping you uncover your deepest truths, and healing emotions and the supporting belief structure that may have armoured your heart. I support you to find new ways to undo old conditioning to enable healthy and loving communication and lovemaking and intimacy that is fulfilling and deeply healing.

If you really value your femininity and you want to be able to express yourself more fully as a woman, you are in the right place. I offer individual sessions for singles and couples and workshops and retreats for couples to deepen intimacy and lovemaking.


My approach works for people from all walks of life. I have worked with hundreds of men and women who are

  • Psychologists, counsellors, coaches, healing practitioners, yoga teachers, nurses, doctors, interior designers, teachers, real estate agents, and office workers.
  • Small and large business owners and managers in trade, industry and personal development.
  • Mothers and fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, sons, daughters.


If you value…

  • Your heart – its desires and living its potential
  • Your body – its unbridled ability to feel, heal and express
  • Your soul – following its guidance
  • Your relationships – with your partner, children, family and friends
  • Healthy communication – authentic and heart-based and creates safety, love and respect
  • Fulfilling sexual intimacy - that is honouring both partners
  • Inner peace and wholeness

…then I’d love to stay in touch.

You can download my free excerpt, ‘WHY WOMEN CLOSE DOWN and how to open up again‘. Alternatively, if you’d just like to stay connected, fill in the form below to join my newsletter or email me.

And if you’d like to know more about how I help, go to How I Help Women and How I Help Couples.


P.S Your body is not broken. Menopause is a gateway, a privilege, a time to embrace change with grace and step into a life that is empowered, loving and alive.  This is your birthright as a woman.  You have been waiting for this all your life... Buy my book Tantric Sex and Menopause on Amazon AUSAmazon US & Amazon UK.

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