Men, we need you

conscious relationships love masculinity men relationships Oct 02, 2023

Being the mother of an adult son, and witnessing countless men in my retreats and clinic, I am seeing more and more men, from young to old, who want to be the best they can be as a man. The best for their partner, their children, their families, work places and the people around them.

I am also not blind. I know this isn't the case across society and that the underbelly of distorted masculinity and sexual energy has had dire consequences for millennia.

The encouraging thing is that there are more and more men committed to learning how to harness their sexual energy and transform it into love.

This is primarily what we do at The Making Love Retreat - transforming sex into Love.

I also know the shame that men carry when it comes to many aspects of sex and for us to heal as a society, I, personally as a woman, don't want to add to that shame.

There is one particular quality in men, in manhood, and in masculinity that is so very magnetic, when it comes to his sexuality and in any part of his life. A man who is magnetic is a man who knows how to contain (not suppress) and harness his vital sexual energy, learning how to be 'present' through his awareness.

And when he may ever so subtly, carry a sense of male privilege over women, this makes him 'absent' to the effect he has on another.

This is our unconscious sexual conditioning. A millennia of this lives in our cells, women and men.

Men have a powerful beautiful sexual energy.

Men, we need you. Every single one of you.

To bring this powerful energy back to yourself, bring it to your heart and show up with the women (or other) in your life with the balance of your sexual energy coupled with your heart.

Because when a man is present in his sexual energy coupled with his heart, that is a man in his power.

That is true masculine power. And women are craving that.

I was so moved by the men at our November 2022 retreat, that I made a short video about it. You can listen here.


The Making Love Retreat 2024

Next year I have scheduled 3 Making Love Retreats in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. Early May, July and October. No matter where you are in the world, this is a beautiful place to visit. Come and enjoy this iconic part of the world, coupled with the most transformational retreat for your relationship. Have a week's holiday before or after the retreat. From May to October, the weather is amazing and we have the Humpback Whale migration going right past our headlands during this entire time. This year has been incredible. They have been coming into the bay with their babies for months. We have been hearing whale song under the water. It is truly magical! Read more here


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