Reconnecting Relationships in a Post-covid World

couples intimacy love relationships Sep 08, 2022

The last two years of a worldwide pandemic and lockdowns have been unprecedented in our modern lives. Never before have we been confronted with extreme mental health issues, and exploding numbers of trauma, anxiety, depression, and sadly, suicides. The other sad victim of this crisis is our relationships. And in particular the intimate relationship.

Covid was a time of extremes - of polarities. Some relationships have ended. Others are still hanging, but at times, by a thread. If there was emotional distance, it had amplified that distance.

For others, who were in a financially stable place, 2020 in Australia (except Melbourne) was a little like a rare holiday without the distractions or stress of work.

But 2021 had a different flavour - it went from 'we are all in this together' to 'being near you could threaten my life'. It was very heavy, fear-filled, and conflictual. And even if you didn't engage in that, the energy was oppressive and affecting.

The stress of a change in income for some, change in living situations, threatened job security, and the general air of conflict and the current climate on all levels have left their residue. How can we find a ray of hope in our relationship so that it can become a place of restoration, rather than a place of separation?

Living in such uncertainty, it's important to develop a bridge with each other, to reconnect in a way that is authentic and nourishing, and ultimately healing.

Never before has connecting in a way that is sustainable and meaningful been more important than now. We need it for our emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological well-being.

I am giving a one-hour online class this Thursday 15h September at 7 pm, supporting you to move from distant and disconnected to a loving authentic connection. Love to see you there!

As this event is past, you can access the replay here - Reconnecting Relationships in a Post-Covid World

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