Renewal in the Light of Love

emotions Dec 14, 2017
Renewal in the Light of Love

At this auspicious time, there seems no better opportunity than to MAKE TIME to PAUSE. Pause to reflect on the year and the depth that you may have been taken to, either through your health, your relationship, your family, your work, or finances.

For many there has been a devastation of what was, things have pulled us to places inside ourselves we never knew were there. And yet in this devastation, this crumbling, in this facing of crises, something new emerges - a new resilience, a new insight into self or life, a renewed sense of self, a new clarity.

Just as the fire devastates and unflinchingly gets rid of the old, soon the new emerges, and new shoots of fresh green contrast the starkness of what was. This is transformation and to me, this is what the ending of the Mayan Calendar was about. And whether you believe it or not, I don't know anyone who has not been forced through a process of transformation this year. It's time to celebrate that, to recognise lessons learned.

For me, I have learnt that I cannot control another's destiny and the choices they make in life. This has been deeply transformative for me. So I encourage you to TAKE TIME AND PAUSE with yourself, with your beloved, and with your children. Light a candle to celebrate and be grateful, to offer prayers and blessings to those going through devastation at this time, or if you still are yourself, and look to the light of Love to be the guide for 2013.

I wish you love from all of my heart ... I thank you for being part of The Conscious Heart journey this year. Thank you to those who have travelled the journey with me in the intimacy and depth of a workshop or retreat space, or a one-on-one session. I remember each one of you and treasure our time. I wish you love and peace and I hope we meet again soon. Ps. We have a very exciting 2013 coming up and to view upcoming events in 2013, click here.


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