Revolution of Love

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Revolution of Love

It's been ten years since teaching the very first Making Love Retreat Australia.

The Retreat was founded originally by Diana Richardson, pioneer in the Slow Sex movement.
While Gene and I are no longer a couple, and I have taken over the full facilitation of the retreat over the last few years, I always honour him for the gift of our relationship and how much I healed during the process of our time together. There is such a sweetness to this man that I'll always love. They say that relationships are for a lifetime, a reason, or a season and ours was definitely a fruitful season, abundant with beautiful experiences and leaving the legacy of an enduring friendship.

We started off as friends more than 20 years ago and we were determined to remain friends. I have to say that our love and care for each other have only deepened since the change in our relationship, something we have always kept high in our shared vision of friendship. And when the heart is involved, sometimes that is not so easy.

I have learned so much more about love and relationship in the release of each other and what it is to truly love unconditionally. I think my heart is wider from challenging it to open more, even in the face of difficulty and the typical emotional upheaval of separation. But that was almost 6 years ago now. Time is definitely a healer.

We went to the making Love Retreat in Switzerland 4 or 5 times. During the first retreat I was so astounded at the teaching and its potential to free men and women from our sexual conditioning that so stifles love, I asked if we could teach it in Australia. Diana said, 'I don't teach teachers. You have to go out and live it. Come back in five years and then we will talk!'

We went away and came back 3 years later, and were granted the honour to teach it here in Australia, the US, NZ, etc. Apparently, apart from Diana and her husband Michael, I am at present the only English-speaking teacher of this retreat. Every day, every retreat, and every experience of deepened love changes me. This journey of love never ends. I am forever a student. New insights arrive all the time.

I bow to existence for gifting me the privilege to be part of this revolution of love. And.... I now have the most wonderful news ... After 10 years, I am moving the Making Love Retreat Australia to a beautiful new venue in a private location in nature, near Noosa for this upcoming November retreat. Read more here.

If you are interested in attending the Making Love Retreat and have questions or would like to chat with Janet and meet her personally,  book here for a free 30-minute chat.

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