Sensuality: How To Move Gracefully In a Busy World

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Sensuality: How To Move Gracefully In a Busy World

When I visited India some years ago, the one thing that stood out to me most was the grace and elegance of the women.

I remember watching and being mesmerized by a band of women working on a two-story building. I was surprised to notice how often they were the ones working on the more physical tasks... Yet here, they moved up the ladders and along the floors like a mystery and their laughter was like a running brook.  Their saris hung and swirled around them like a lyrical song. Indian women play with colour and light boldly and unapologetically.

To me, they are among the most sensual in the world – in the way they dress, the way they walk, the way they move. There is something about that country. Perhaps it’s the tantric way. Tantra is so woven into their culture - it exists in their very ancestry, in their very bones. The country itself is steeped in mystery, creativity, in life. 

Sadly though, India is also plagued by enormous suppression of women. Yet even in the face of this suppression, their grace shines through.

For many western women, however, this grace and sensuality don't come as naturally as this.

What makes a woman sensual?

A dear respected colleague once said to me that sexuality is a woman’s religion. I actually think that Sensuality is a woman’s religion. The Sensual is what brings us alive. It’s what makes us tick. It’s what moves us to create, to love, to joy, to pleasure.

To be sensual, you have to be living completely present in your senses – touch, sound, sight – I see, I hear, I feel. Yet for many western women, the mantra is ‘I do, I do and I do more’. She gets caught in a flurry of “doing”... but ‘doing’ without being present in her body, closes a woman’s heart. Her love can’t shine. It is hidden. And all the joy, colour, and play that she could bring to the world, get lost.

We may open up to our sensuality while making love but why leave sensuality just for the bedroom when it can be part of the whole fabric of your daily life?

The Key to Doing Life Without Losing The Sensual

Sensuality is the presence that illuminates the soul of a woman radiates her natural love and fills her heart with wonderment. She doesn’t have to effort at all – she just is.

As soon as a woman develops the art of being in her body, she makes the shift from mind-oriented to heart-oriented, from doing to being, from closed to open. She can still be active and productive. In fact, the movement for a woman is the sensual switch to her soul, her heart, and her unique mystery. That’s why women light up when they dance. But there has to be something that is a constant – whether she moves or is still, there is a presence that can live alive in her, that moves her without her ‘doing’ it.

This presence is a key to her sensuality. This presence is about her being anchored in her body. And when a woman moves from here, she feels good. When she feels good, she is more joyous, more loving, and more beautiful. There is more spaciousness for her love to shine.

Love is the light that shines through her body. This is a woman’s true beauty.

When she connects with this, with awareness, she is moving from a different place and you can’t help but watch her... She has something.

Though she doesn’t often know it, developing this art, when it is not woven into our culture is what the starving western woman is aching for. But it really is very simple.

How to Connect with Your Sensuality

There are many ways. Just for today, try this, standing preferably. (And men can try this too!)

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath in and let it go.

Relax your shoulders. Let go of tension.

Bring your attention to 3 inches just below the navel and back inside, known as the dantien in chi gung – for a woman, it’s the area of your womb. And if your womb has been removed, it makes no difference. That place is still there.

Now turn the corners of your mouth up with a little smile as you imagine and celebrate that love actually exists right here in your womb, in your heart, in your WHOLE body – your whole disposition will change.

Imagine you are underwater and a gentle current is moving you, while your awareness remains anchored in your hips and lower body, through your legs to the floor. Your movements are flowing, gentle, and relaxed. With each breath, you enter even more deeply into the lower part of your body and your pelvic space. As you enter more and more, you notice that your movements are slow, unhurried, and luxurious. You may even wish to run your fingertips along any bare skin of your body, your face, and your arms… slowly.

Just experience this for a few minutes. Feel the pleasure of this.

When you find yourself ‘doing’, trying to make it happen or getting tense, come back to relaxation, to the body, the womb, the legs, home… to love.

Too simple? Take the time to try it. While making love, this practice will deepen and amplify your whole experience as you notice your movement will be slower, more conscious, and profoundly more sensual.

Attracting What You Want

This a pretty first-world issue I must admit. We are privileged to be even able to contemplate concepts like sensuality as mostly, living in a western country, our survival needs are met.

it’s important that being more sensual doesn’t become another goal, to use to conquer or seduce another.

So for those who are wanting more in life and relationships, moving gracefully in a busy world requires just a few moments of connecting through your own body and presence. .... and moving from the lower part of your body, the hips, and the pelvis in a relaxed way.

This way, you can experience the joy and grace of sensuality in your everyday life, whether that is at work, play, or making love.

Sensual Lovemaking for Couples

Slow sensual lovemaking increases pleasure, joy, and relaxation - the perfect antidote to the western lifestyle, triggering the relaxation hormone oxytocin, which regenerates the body, mind, and soul. You can read more about that in my previous post.

If YOU are aching to bring more sensuality to your relationship, you are in the right place to experience The Making Love Retreat. Give yourselves this gift – I’d love to see you there. 


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