The Fear Most Men Live With

conscious sex diana richardson making love relationships slow sex Sep 02, 2022

The fear that most men live with, how women can influence men's experience of lovemaking, understanding our unconscious sexual conditioning, why we don't need to wait for desire to make love ...

These are just some of the topics covered in this wonderful interview by Sarah Rose Bright of The Sexy Life Podcast with one of the world luminaries on Conscious Sex and the author of 8 books, Diana Richardson. Diana is the creator of The Making Love Retreat that I teach here in Australia. If one ever wondered what we cover at The Making Love Retreat, this really is a great one to listen to.

She describes very candidly how the teaching unfolded through her own discovery and how her innocent experimentation has become the foundation of a new movement that is highly regarded in the world of Tantra and conscious sexuality.

Some of the topics covered are:-

  • Looking at our unconscious sexual conditioning and how to unravel ourselves from it.
  • How the mind pushes the body in sex and how to use presence in the body to completely shift how you make love.
  • How going conscious, instead of 'slow' changes the whole experience of love.
  • The wonderful side-effect of containing your sexual vitality.
  • How men and women are programmed in sex.
  • The fear that most men live with.
  • Taking the stress out of male erection and performance pressure.
  • Why women close.
  • Why you don't need to wait for desire to make love.

And so much more.

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