Touch Is A Force

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Touch Is A Force

To approach the body with sensitivity and awareness is a rare thing and yet it’s what every ‘body’ is craving for.

Touch, with presence. It’s the most life-giving, life-saving resource we can offer to our loved ones and those around us.

Yet, in our society generally, the body just doesn’t receive enough safe, loving, respectful, non-intentional touch. 

Touch is the first communication that we have in our world. The power of touch, and HOW we are touched, is etched into our brain, into every cell of our body, from birth.

A baby seeks contact with its mother's breast for reassurance and basically for survival. It's no wonder that we seek it.

So it's a huge force, but modern society has moved away from life-affirming expressions of touch. And particularly in the sexual arena, it can be a minefield of triggers for some.

Because touch isn't always loving. Sometimes loveless. Sometimes aggressive. Sometimes needy. Sometimes numbing. Sometimes completely inappropriate. Sometimes downright abusive. So this can be a loaded subject for some women and men.

To approach another's body should be regarded as a privilege. One that is not taken for granted. Or taken advantage of.

A privilege that is earned, through mutual respect and sensitivity. But when the mind and one's own agenda jump to 'sex', for its own sake, then there can be a tendency to allow touch that crosses boundaries, for those boundaries to become confused and confusing. Or to touch another with absolutely no consciousness or awareness of the effect on another's feelings or another's body.

I believe the world in general needs a complete retrain and reframe on this subject.

Do you want to receive touch that is opening or closing? Do you want to offer touch that is opening or closing? Really, it's either one or the other.

And when it comes to lovemaking, as you move to touch, let go of any agenda to make anything happen. And in that letting go, it is likely that an opening will be created. An opening of the bodies, an opening of the hearts.

The body is so sensitive. It will realize that there's been a relaxation, and there's been a loosening of the grip of the agenda.

Approach the body very slowly. In fact don't even touch the other's body until you have first connected to yourself, your own heart.

Presence has a magnetism. It's like a magnetic force that draws people and things to it.

Watch how you touch others today. Do you hold back? Do you reach out with too much intention?

Bring awareness to your touch. Bring only sensitivity to your touch. Bring only love.

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