Transforming Sex Into Love

intimacy love making love making love retreat men transformation Jun 14, 2021

'Why can I not reach her anymore?'. This is the question so many men are asking me lately.

I am seeing a change in men generally these days. Their bewilderment engenders humility. Their hearts are aching to love and to see their partner shine again.

I see this in their faces as they arrive on the first night of the Making Love Retreat, downhearted and confused. Sometimes years of tears are ready to burst their banks in her as she sits next to him, silently, stoically. It's the last-ditch effort. Or it's a new relationship and she has decided, that enough is enough. She no longer wants to go along with things the way they have been anymore.

She may not even understand or know what she needs, she just knows she doesn't want what has been anymore. Many no longer want to be subject to the pressure of sex, when the outcome may be less than satisfactory. They no longer want sex without connection. And on top of that, they are wondering where their 'libido' went? 'I had the desire, now I've lost it.'

It's a sad sight. But one that I have grown accustomed to seeing. Because within just 24 hours, I see the relief on their faces as the lightbulb goes on. Something softens and relaxes as they start to understand why. And begin to see and experience a path they can start to walk down to change this heartbreaking dynamic.

When sexual energy becomes meditative, when a man can let go of the goal of getting to the end quickly, and instead allow the time for the spreading of his powerful dynamic sexual energy through his body, there is a breathtaking transformation. One that opens the gate for it to move from his genitals up to his heart.

He becomes quieter, more composed, more masculine even, everything is put back in its place again. He sees the light come back into her eyes, as she is given time to relax and open to her own divine feminine nature.

Equally, when a woman can finally relax, knowing that she is in a safe place to let go of her protection, she opens like a flower.

It can take time to steer the ship of our sexual conditioning around to a new course, one where Love is our northern star and sexual intimacy become a vehicle for that love. That's why we need 6 whole days for this transformation. Not just the learning, the 'knowing' of it, but for the experiencing of this through the body. I can talk till the cows come home about transformation. But it is not until you feel it until it fully registers in your body and psyche, and you feel how making love becomes a thread through your life rather than a haphazard event, that it really stays.

Your whole life changes, not just in the bedroom.

The Making Love Retreat in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, offers the opportunity to change your life. Every relationship deserves this transformation. I'd love to see you there.

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