Uluru - The Silent Heart

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Uluru - The Silent Heart

A few weeks ago, I went to Uluru with my dear friend, Sharon, to do our Level 3 Art of Feminine Presence training with Rachael Jayne Groover.

It was an amazing week with some of my deepest insights into how I show up around women and some of the wounds I've carried and how even with our 'story', there's a way to move beyond it instead of falling into the rabbit hole of a crushing hurt with the tumbling of past hurts carried with it.

I had a spontaneous and unexpected opening... into Love - not just personal love. It was this GREAT LOVE that I know holds me, holds you, holds us all.

It was so visceral, so powerful, so transformational. It was breathtaking and it melted everything before it away.

Uluru - the Great Heart, reminded me - If I could open beyond the small mind, the small heart, to the greater heart, the one that holds us all, what would words would I say? What action would I take?

Instead of reacting from wounding in a relationship, how would it be to act from this Great Love, from a vast knowingness, of something beyond? It's so powerful and can be easily forgotten. Until you are still. Silent.

And that's what Uluru and being in the desert does. We would go to a spot like this one in this photo (which felt very feminine by the way), and just stop. No words. Just in silence. Sometimes there was the wind. Sometimes not. All the same, there was silence. I could feel my body softening, relaxing, opening. Very quickly, I could feel I was starting to slow down to the pulse of this great land. It drew me into its heart.

Groups would come and go, chattering along without much reverence to this Great Silence that lay deep in the land. Their noise would rise and fall.

And always, always, what remained untouched even by the noise, was this silence.

It might seem strange but it reminded me of the Great Silence that is possible when you make love in awareness. It's the same silence!

When we create an environment where everything slows down, when we are more conscious of our action, our touch, our breath, our heart, when we take time to be present with another by truly receiving them through our eyes, our bodies, our beings, the bodies start to become more still, to be like a heartbeat beating as one.

And great silence and great relaxation of the body are the by-products. And when great relaxation occurs, the whole autonomic nervous system comes into balance - it moves into rest and digest, instead of fight and flight.

When we are relaxed, love can flow. We are more open to ourselves and others. Uluru does this organic washing away of tensions. And this is exactly what happens when you allow yourself to relax in lovemaking, and open to another, be present with another, the body is washed through with fresh aliveness. Instead of building up tension, you fall into relaxation.

And truly, there's no surprise that this place is Holy to our indigenous brothers and sisters. And even with their request to not climb that holy place, their home, people have still flocked to get their 'last chance' before the track to the top closes in October 2019.

I heard an elder recently say - 'We don't walk on your house, don't walk on ours.' And fair enough.

How often do we miss the full potential of an intimate relationship with another, be it friendship or your partner - the potential that life and love can offer us, by being so 'absent', by not honouring a boundary, by being cynical, by being 'noisy' either outwardly or inwardly in our thoughts, to the point that intimacy is not possible?

My invitation today is to find a place in nature that helps you be still, that helps you be truly present and let your body and relaxing. And if you are lucky enough to have a partner, take the opportunity to let your bodies relax together with no goal, let your nervous systems be nourished and washed through by making love in awareness. You will truly experience this Great Silence, where words are not needed. And you might even start to feel this Great Love! I hope that for you.

And if you need a little assistance in where and how to start this journey into the heart, consider the incredible life-changing Making Love Retreat this May.

Love to see you at an upcoming event in the future...


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