When it comes to Making Love….

making love making love retreat sex sexuality Aug 12, 2011
When it comes to Making Love….

It's fascinating where the mind goes when you mention the word 'sex', or even 'making love'.

It certainly raises the energy of any conversation!

When I first announced that I was running Making Love Retreats, there were the jokes, the embarrassment from people, the 'I don't want to go there, that's opening a can of worms', or 'come on baby, I want to go there!' And of course, there's the imagery ... a Making Love Retreat? What? Does that mean they're all naked and having an orgy in the seminar room?' (That's what my own brother thought until I put him straight! My own brother!)

Have a think about it - be honest, where does your mind go when you say or hear the word 'sex'? Stop for a moment and check it out!

If you were really honest, it's possible that very few of us go to a place of love or dare I say it, innocence.

There's something a bit hard and sharp about the word 'sex' to me. With that one word, and it’s natural, all the conditioning from parents, religions, culture, and society, come tumbling down upon us and truthfully, besides a few lucky ones, who really has a chance of being in a healthy wholesome place when there are so many overlays of the mind?

The thing is you really can't talk about relationships without including the one thing that most likely causes more disharmony or dissatisfaction than anything else. I’m saddened when a couple come to me for counselling and after a few sessions, when things have improved, they are unwilling or not interested in going that bit further in talking about intimacy.

It’s now my understanding that generally, the way we make love as humans is not fundamentally sustainable for a loving relationship and there is another very simple, natural and innocent approach that can revive one’s lost faith in love.

When I first read the book The Heart of Tantric Sex by Diana Richardson about 6 years ago, I was stunned. Never before had I heard such a clear, intelligent and natural understanding of sexuality, without all the hype.

It gave me hope that there is another way and hope for what we who are parents, could teach our children and what could be taught in schools. She says that sex becomes something in the mind rather than in the body.

And the idea of it being about love gets completely missed. It's the benefits of what Gene and I teach at The Making Love Retreat that I find so inspiring - the potential for men to learn to let go of performing and how to create a safer place for women to relax and open up and for women to begin to get out of their head, to feel and trust their own bodies, in a way that intuitively they actually know how to do naturally.

I’ve been on a huge journey in this myself – you can read it in Why Women Close down and how to open up again. So I'm here to reassure you that The Making Love Retreat is not like the movie 'Couple's Retreat'! And loud and clear, all couples are fully clothed and there are no live demonstrations in the seminar room. It is a sincere journey of the heart and if you are a couple who wants to take the time out to nurture your love life and discover a whole new world of love, tenderness and intimacy that you may never have encountered before, then it’s my humble invitation to check out The Making Love Retreat.


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