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femininity intimacy love menopause perimenopause and sex relationships tantra the body Aug 04, 2021

When the lovely, Luanne Mareen, in her Answering the Call of Your Purpose series, interviewed me recently, she prompted me to ponder what led me to do what I do.

This is probably my most personal interview, having known Luanne for some years. So I reveal a lot more than usual in this interview! And to be honest I've been a little reticent to showcase this video because of this. But, here goes...

Some things we cover:-

  • Sex and Menopause
  • Motherhood and sexuality
  • Long term relationships
  • How Childbirth changes a woman
  • Making Love after Childbirth
  • Male and Female sexual conditioning

I really believe our 'purpose' is more simple than we think. It's just the avenue or the pathway through which we live that purpose that can vary, according to our life circumstances. Whether it be being a mother, father, caregiver, business owner, an employee in an industry you love, or simply retired, when you are on-purpose in your life, you will feel inspired.

Even though one very small part of this interview might appear otherwise, I should clarify that I am a stayer in relationships. I believe in putting in the work to make a relationship as wonderful as possible. Relationships are complex creatures, as are we. And they don't always act the way we want them to. But I believe in LOVE above all. And letting love lead.

Luanne is such a warm and engaging interviewer and offers the most unusual thing, Hand Analysis, ie. what the blueprint of your hand markings says about your life and what natural gifts you have. It's quite amazing. Luanne supports women in business and is a great coach. You can view her website here.

Sit back, grab a cuppa and press play at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy hanging out with us for 30 minutes or so...


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