The Womantime Signature

Sep 03, 2023

Women are brave. Women are powerful. Women are resilient. Women are beautiful.

What we have been through emotionally, and what a woman’s body goes through in the sometimes intricate process of being a woman can be eye-watering to hear. But to see a group of women come through the Womantime process, being with other women in an environment of support and non-competitiveness, of wanting a woman to rise up instead of push her down, the barriers can come down. There’s a softening and a relaxing. If a woman can open herself to this she comes out shining. As if years have just fallen away. It is truly breathtaking.

Witnessing this transformation as a facilitator is a profound blessing and makes all the work leading up to an event for many months worth it in every single way. Yes, Womantime Retreat is deep. And it’s a lot to hold at times. But one I treasure and am humbled to hold. I see my job as bringing all women safely back onto the banks of their own hearts so they can walk with their most powerful asset - LOVE.

Not fluffy or false love. Real love. Bold love. Raw love. Uncompromising love. Love that wants to see her sister rise up not keep her down.

Because women can sometimes be cruel. Women can be harsh. We’ve had enough of that. Women need kindness. Compassion. Their bodies need replenishing, regenerating, and recharging through the nurturing restorative practices of gentle female-focussed yoga, inner awareness, and feminine presence. All are part of integrating the Womantime process.

Through the processes, and the whole culture that is set up at the start of every Womantime Retreat, we are rewriting women's experience of being with other women. Often our work environments or home environment can be less than loving. At Womantime, women get to feel what it's like to be supported for who they are, be accepted and even revered for their special feminine essence, something no-one else can emulate. This is true healing. True transformation.

As we heal ourselves and call back the lost or denied parts of our hearts and our bodies, we also, as a ripple effect, heal the collective. It just makes us better women. And we all need that in the world.

With a deep bow and never-ending thanks to my dear friend Melissa Borich, much more than a Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. Our shared bond has stamped our hearts forever with the Womantime signature of mutual support and kindness. And for Jodie White for her many years of loving support and care of me and the participants at all my retreats for the past ten years.

So grateful for my world, the special women in my little team, these two, and behind the scenes. Thank you for your presence and your flow-on contribution to facilitating the healing of the inner feminine for the good of all. Man. Woman. And child.

Some of the most heart-warming feedback I've received as I have checked in personally with each woman post Womantime, is the effect on their relationships. Women have reported feeling like they finally had a language to speak to their husband about things they have been feeling for years and have been unable to articulate. Empowering, heart-centred conversations that have been met at home with non-resistence and understanding. Because they themselves have transformed. And the men feel it. Respect it. Listen to it. This is what I want for all women.

Womantime Retreat next year - 15th-18th Aug 2024 at the Ridge Maleny. Registrations are open now. For more information >>> Womantime Retreat - Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Day Woman


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